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"A series of golf lessons designed for every skill level to greater enhance the appreciation and enjoyment of the royal and ancient game."

Ed's swing

By Golf Professional Ed Wieczkiewicz


"There are three forms of culture: 
Worldly culture, the mere acquisition of information;
Religious culture, following rules;
Elite culture, self-development."

Hujwiri, Revelation of the Veiled

Welcome to my website. Before we begin I'd like to pay tribute to my teacher and mentor who passed from this world on September 21, 2010.  Joseph Allen (Al)  Osborn was the wisest, most generous man I ever met and I carry forward his teaching.  His ideas are embodied in my teaching approach.  When the student is ready the teacher shall appear.   It was meeting Al and doing the work together which brought about a transformation in my understanding and appreciation of the game and its role in the evolution of humankind.   My hope and purpose is to put within each student's grasp, the "Ariadne's thread" that leads to experiencing the knowledge of unity and how the game of golf was devised to accomplish this. (And become a better golfer in the meantime) May you catch the spirit of the game!



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